About Us

Jumping Jellies Playschool

Calgary & Kelowna

Jumping Jellies Playschool is a lively and innovative program for children and parents to bond and experience dance together. After many years I have complied an array of additional types of dance and movements. I’ve developed an original and plan for parents and children to Dance, Learn and Play!


Marina Clark-Dyck

Dance & Yoga Instructor-Calgary

Jumping Jellies is owned and was created by Marina Clark.  Marina has created various fun and unique programs for toddlers, preschoolers, school aged kids and parents.With a passion and desire to teach and expand young minds, Marina has also had extensive dance training in areas such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Zumba Musical theater and has been on a well known Canadian salsa dancing team Salsa Rica for 9 years. Marina received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology specializing in child development from Mount Royal in 2013.

Marina put her degree to use by working in Early Intervention for Cause and Effect Foundation. Along with formal training Marina is also fitness certified through the AFLCA and Little Hippies Yoga. Marina’s love for working with children has grown immensely over the years inspiring her to create a diverse active program that combines all of her areas of expertise!

We support lots of imagination and creativity in our classes, therefore we have a variety of routines and techniques to enhance every class!

Alexa Lefebvre

Dance Instructor-Calgary

Alexa received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from the University of Calgary in 2018. Her love for dance started at a young age. She trained in a studio setting for 15 years in various dance styles such as, ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, musical theatre and highland. Alexa also has her Level 1 Child Development Assistant Certification and has years of experience working with children of all ages.

Along with being passionate about performance, choreography and education, she also values the holistic approach to creativity and movement. She plans on continuing the study of developmental movement patterns which aid in shaping the minds and motor skills of children and adults. She enjoys and takes pride in dedicating her time to finding new and creative ways to help children learn, grow and express themselves through movement.


Lindsay Dragland

Director/Dance Instructor-Kelowna

Lindsay received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Mount Royal University in 2015, and also has her Level 2 Child Development Worker Certification. She began working as a Special Needs Aid in 2014, and has since developed a strong passion for providing support and encouragement to children in order to help them build confidence and develop to the best of their abilities. Lindsay is also working as a Preschool Teacher and enjoys coming up with fun and exciting ways to help children learn and develop through active play. She also loves expressing herself through hula hoop dancing which she has been doing for over 6 years, and enjoys showing children how to dance with and make their own personalized hula hoops.

From her experience as a Special Needs Aid and Preschool Teacher, she has found that one of the most productive ways to help children develop and improve is through exciting and engaging activities inspired by creative movement, song and dance, social engagement and mindfulness. Not only do such activities greatly contribute to the development of a positive self-concept, the little ones love to express themselves through creative movement and have so much fun doing it!