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Birthday Party Calgary

Jumping Jellies has the bests in a Kid’s Birthday Party Calgary.  With exciting themes such as our Hula Hoop Birthday Party where kids get to make their own Hula Hoop, learn different tricks/Hula Hoop techniques, dance to popular songs and play fun interactive games!

The Hula Hoop birthday encourages participation of all children to showcase their own special movements and talents!


Birthday Party Calgary

Here’s a little bit more information and Prices for the Hula Hoop Birthday Party:

Hula Hoop Birthday 1 hour Party Package (5-10 kids): $200

  • Fun interactive games
  • Learning dance techniques to popular songs
  • Hula Hoop tricks and games
  • Making your own hula hoop (materials included)
  • Jumping Jellies Birthday Certificate


Hula Hoop Birthday 2 hour Party Package (10-15 kids): $300

  • Fun Interactive games
  • Learning dance techniques to popular songs
  • Hula Hoop tricks and games
  • Making a hula hoop (materials included)
  • Jumping Jellies Birthday Certificate
  • Obstacle course
  • Special birthday loot bags


Book your Hula Hoop party package today!


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Some other awesome Birthday Party ideas that Jumping Jellies offers includes

  • Princess/ Fairy tale
  • Safari 
  • Dinosaurs
  • Pirates
  • Circus
  • Thomas the Train 
  • Beach
  • Mindcraft


 Princess/ Fairy Tale:

Let’s go on a magical journey as a Princess or  Fairy Tale character with dancing and singing to popular Disney Princess songs! The kids will love twirling and whirling to the music as well as creating their own magical Fairy Tale piece of Art! The Princess Fairy Tale birthday also includes using unique props, interactive games, and photos with the Birthday Party Princess host!


Come on let’s get wild and crazy on a Safari adventure! Dancing to up-beat animal songs and playing games is just part of the fun. We fully engage all of the children to be different safari animals running through the bush, swimming through the safari river, climbing mountains and using binoculars to find lions! The Safari Birthday also includes a cool safari craft and using different props for the adventure!

Thomas the Train:

Hold on to your engines because here comes Thomas and Percy chugging through for a Thomas the Train birthday! Kids will love to sing and dance along to thomas the train songs and playing fun locomotive games! All of the children will also get to make a Train craft!

You pick the theme and we do the rest!! Jumping Jellies Birthdays are filled with dancing, yoga, games, hula hooping and crafts. All birthday packages include a Birthday Gift Certificate and materials for the theme! Hurry and book your Jumping Jellies fun themed Birthday party today, its a blast! 

Marina Clark

Director/Dance Instructor


Birthday Party Calgary

Kids Dance Classes Calgary

Jumping Jellies has the best Kids Dance Classes Calgary! At Jumping Jellies we have reputable instructors who uphold our vision to develop a strong program specializing in the early foundational skills and creativity through dance, movement, and music for all children!

Some of our Kids Dance Classes Calgary include Mommy and Me Play & Dance, Creative Movement for Preschoolers, and Hip-Hop! All of our classes encourage creativity and self-expression of children.

What is Creative Movement?

-Self-expression through movement

-Freedom of individuality

-Creating and using the imagination

-Freedom of motion

-Testing the boundaries

-Taking risks

-Body awareness

-A release of energy

-A way to communicate using body actions

-Promoting physical literacy through the imagination

-Combining different forms of music and  motion to create ones own unique style

Ways Jumping Jellies incorporates creative movement in our classes includes, using different props, rotating through different techniques and styles of music, up- beat high energy songs, and fun socializing activities for kids!

Here’s a description of the different Kids Dance Classes Calgary that we offer for ages 1-8:

Mommy and me Play & Dance  Ages 1-5

Looking for a fun, energetic, engaging atmosphere for you and your little one? This is the perfect class that caters to the developing mind. Mommy and me play and dance offers up beat interactive songs, sensory play, fun props, activities and a great way for the little ones to engage in social interactions

Specific Areas of focus:

  • Gross/fine motor movement
  • Creativity
  • Musicality
  • Early literacy skills
  • Sensory play



Kids Dance Classes Calgary


This fun and socially interactive class is designed especially for independent and active preschoolers! Creative Dance & Movement introduces different genres of music, and socially engaging activities while focusing on the fundamental gross motor skills and self-awareness. A great stepping stone to the wonderful world of music and dance!

Specific focus on:

  • Self-expression
  • Musicality with different props
  • Improving social skills through partner work
  • Dancing as a team
  • Timing/rhythm
  • Release of energy
  • Balance
  • Self-esteem


For all children who want to gain an understanding of modern and historic Hip-hop, freedom of motion with Hip-hop styles included and influenced with a large dance number to bring together all styles learned in a showcase.

Specific focus will include:

  • Different rhythms and movement to R&B, Reggae, and stomp percussion
  • The evolution of motion in hip-hop : Isolation, Popping, Locking and Holds
  • The origins and importance of Hip-Hop dance movements in history
  • Children will gain an understanding how to work outside of the box, and think on the spot with improvisation within the dance circle
  • Team building and musicality learned through stomp “call and response” sections



You can register for all Jumping Jellies Kids Dance Classes Calgary by going to our registration page

Spring Programs

We Can’t wait to see you to get our moving and grooving on at one of our classes!


Marina Clark

Director/Dance Instructor


Kids Dance Classes Calgary

Mommy and Me Play and Dance Calgary

Mommy and Me Play and Dance Calgary

Mommy & Me Play and Dance Calgary is a fabulous program for Moms, tots, and babies to bond and experience music and dance together! Not only are you able to bring siblings you can have the freedom to bring babies too! Children love the dancing to popular songs, all of the different props, and the very popular obstacle course! With Mommy & Me Play and Dance Calgary the fun nurturing atmosphere allows children to feel free to express themselves freely and to just be a kid! Another great feature of this program is the calm down and yoga and musical exploration at the end of the class. This helps with mindfulness, anxiety reduction and positivity! Mommy & Me Play and Dance Calgary focuses on the fundamental early stages of children, some of the things we focus on include…..

  • Gross/fine motor movement
  • Creativity
  • Body Awareness
  • Musicality
  • Early literacy skills
  • Sensory play

Mommy and Me Play and Dance Calgary

Mommy and Me Play and Dance Calgary

Our extremely talented team of teachers have had lots of experience in teaching children of all ages, teaching different forms of dance, and educational backgrounds that include Early Childhood, Developmental Psychology, and Education.

Here are some of our outstanding reviews for Mommy & Me Play and Dance Calgary:

“Great place to bring your kids! Marina is fantastic at creating actives for toddlers and a good way to meet other parents.” -Jenny (Parent)

“I loved taking part in the engaging creative movement activities, and being able to witness the kids develop and express their creativity and individuality over the past few weeks with the Jumping Jellies Summer Classes! We had tons of fun with everyone and can’t wait to join Jumping Jellies again for the next round of classes!!”- Lindsay (teacher)

“I love the Mommy and Me class! It’s a great way for my 2 year old and I to bond and have fun!” -Teresa (parent)

“Marina’s fun, and active teaching style makes for such a fun class! I love how she combines elements of dance, and yoga!  My little girl and I always have so much fun!”- Melissa (parent)


What’s in it for you?

• Jumping Jellies offers a fun active class that specializes in the early development of children
• A great way to spend time being active and fit with your little one
• An opportunity for kids to release extra energy and meet new friends!
• A time to express creativity in a warm welcoming environment
• A great introduction to the wonderful world of music and dance!

We would love you to come and share the Jumping Jellies Mommy & Me Play and dance class! Here are some of our times and locations

Auburn Bay Community Centre Wednesdays 10-11am, To register go to :

Can’t wait to be silly and creative while learning and having fun with you and your little one!

Marina Clark-Director/Dance instructor
Jumping Jellies



Mommy and Me Play and Dance Calgary

Jumping Jellies Spring Happenings

Thank you for being interested in what’s happening at Jumping Jellies this Spring!

 We have lots of exciting news to share!

We will be offering 20% off any type of themed Birthday Party until April 1st! To book call us at (403) 690-9790 or email Marina at [email protected]

We can’t wait to get the Spring Sessions started here’s all the classes we’re offering this Spring:

Mommy and Me Dance & Play Ages 1-5

Looking for a program where you can bring siblings? Our Mommy and Me Play and Dance is perfect for busy Toddlers and Preschoolers! 

Creative Movement for Preschoolers Ages 3-5


For the independent and active preschooler Creative Movement for Preschoolers is an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of music and dancing! This Preschool dance class is so much fun!


Ready for an adventure? Adventure Yoga and Art is an interactive class combining yoga postures while creating and using the imagination. With exciting themes children get to have fun being silly while moving their bodies through a variety of unique yoga postures. 

Adventure Yoga/Art Ages 5-8

For all children who want to gain an understanding of modern and historic Hip-hop, freedom of motion with Hip-hop styles included and influenced with a large dance number to bring together all styles learned in a showcase.

Hip/Hop Ages 6-8

For locations and times go on to our website and follow to the registration link:

Keep updated with Jumping Jellies programs and news on our BLOG!

Also stay updated on our Facebook page

Up-coming News and Events:

Creative Arts Summer Camps registration starts April 1st! Stay updated with Summer Camp details and locations by going to


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