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April Autism Awareness Month

Since April is Autism Awareness Month I wanted to spread the awareness and discuss Autism spectrum disorder. Autism is on a spectrum because of the varying degrees of complexities that can be distinguished by different behaviors, communication, and social interactions.
Many people don’t understand the sensory issues that can be associated to autism and the ability of a child to process information correctly. This inability can cause stress, anxiety, and problematic behaviors. Most sensory issues in children with ASD can be an overload of information or they’re under sensitive and require more from their environment. Some other behaviors can include repetitiveness, and verbal repetitiveness also known as echolalia.
Many children diagnosed with ASD will also be non-verbal and will require speech therapy to learn how to communicate effectively. Some children with ASD will have trouble comprehending words and language. On the other hand children with Autism might be able to pronounce words correctly and show an interest in letters and sounds.
Children with ASD might be looked at as socially awkward as they prefer independent play. Their independent play might be spending hours lining up toys, or repetitive actions with toys, an example of this could be a child filling up a bucket with sand and continually pouring it out and filling it up again. Children with ASD might exhibit narrow interests and will find it hard to participate in an unfamiliar activity.
Early intervention is essential in helping treat autism. Looking for the early warning signs in the three different areas of behavior, communication, and social interactions is also important to see where the child needs support. Significant lifelong gains can be made with Early Intervention and spreading awareness of what Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Marina Clark
Dance Instructor/ Child development facilitator

9th Annual Salsa Congress

salsa pic

What a great honor to be apart of the Calgary International Salsa Congress for the 6th year in a row! I feel so happy to be apart of a great team, Salsa Rica. I have learned so much from my wonderful dance teachers Eric and Kelly and have grown so much as a dancer over the years. I wouldn’t be able to have my program Jumping Jellies if it wasn’t for all the dance training and different techniques I have learned. I’m so excited going forward to inspire children through dance!